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Azemeis Film Festival

2020 Edition


The films that won awards in the last editions of the Avanca Film Festival and DocLisboa won the debut edition of the Azeméis Film Festival, whose competition involved only works already distinguished in other festivals.

Festival Award | 'Eternal Winter'

Eternal Winter

The film “Eternal Winter” by Hungarian director Attila Szász is a film adaptation of a literary work by János Havasi. Based on true facts, this is the first film produced about the 700,000 Hungarian victims of the Soviet labor camps in the middle of World War II. The film, in addition to the awards at the AVANCA Festival, was also distinguished in Kiev, Lucca, Montréal, Nashville, Ojai, Sedona, St. Louis, Tiburon, the Imago and Prix Europa. Marina Gera, the film's protagonist, was also awarded the 2019 International Emmy Award for Best Actress.

Special Award | 'Santikhiri Sonata'

Santikhiri Sonata

“Santikhiri Sonata” by Thai director Thunska Pansittivorakul was the winner of "Doclisboa 2019" and was recently screened at the Bergen Film Festival.This is a work about the memories of General Prem's governance from the 1980s on in the "Peace Hill" region. According to the director "The illusion and unwavering pride in the fact that the country was never colonized successfully shaped our blind nationalism."

Festival 2020



“Fictionalizing the Town Square with Picture-by-Picture Stories”

A creative filmmaking workshop using image-to-image film technology “pixillation”.
The City Square was the décor of the filming where the participants were both the filmmakers and the actors.

works in competition 2020 Edition

“The Festival of Festivals” is an unprecedented organization by the Municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis that for the first time brought together the award-winning films in the main Portuguese film festivals, in a competition of feature films between fiction and documentary.


by Abel Ferrara.

“Eternal Winter” (Örök tél)

by Attila Szász.

“De los nombres de las cabras”

by Silvia Navarro, Miguel G. Morales.

“Santikhiri Sonata”

by Thunska Pansittivorakul.

“Por detrás da moeda”

by Luís Moya.

The mayor of Oliveira de Azeméis, Joaquim Jorge Ferreira, stated: “This edition was the kickoff for the affirmation of cinema in the county and in the region. The quality of the festival guaranteed the bet in this area opening doors for the project’s continuity”.